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Take Care of Your Eyes By Reducing Color Blue

July 24, 2019 1 min read

Among the seven colors of light, blue light has the highest energy and is the nearest light next to ultra-violet rays. It has a wavelength of 400-500nm, which is harmful to the eye. Because it has a narrow wavelength, it penetrates the eye straight into the retina, causing retinal damage, whereas other lights are filtered by the cornea. Computer monitors and smart phone screens uses blue LEDs and emits considerable amounts of blue light enough to damage our eyes. Reducing the blue light of our screen emits is really helpful to at least lessen the damage caused by the prolonged exposure to blue light sources. But how do we reduce the blue light emitted by our computer monitors? Follow these steps.

Desktop Monitor Setting

Here’s how it would look like.

Windows Night Light Mode

Some laptops, especially gaming laptops allow you to adjust the screen’s color temperature. Follow the steps from the desktop monitor color settings. If you can’t adjust the screen settings, follow these steps.

Iris Mini

Night Light Mode is only available to Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703 and newer. If you don’t have that update or still in older versions of Windows. Iris Mini is a piece of software that can adjust the temperature of your screen like the Windows Night Light mode.

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